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Rhinoplasty and Surgical Education

It has become clear to me that many plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists would like to become more proficient at the art and science of rhinoplasty. 

I know this because the number of invitations I receive to speak at strictly rhinoplasty or facial aesthetic meetings is going up dramatically. 

However, I have come to realize that meetings are incredibly inefficient ways of learning rhinoplasty.

Though general concepts and some technique pearls can be transmitted to the participants, the true technique and maneuvers that make the operations successful are not appreciated.

Then how is one supposed to improve their rhinoplasty skills and serve their patients better over time with the barriers to education that exist? 

I believe that apprenticeships are the wave of the future. 

Long term and short term apprenticeships will transform the skills of a surgeon over time. 

Currently, Dr. Grant Stevens and I co-direct a fellowship that allows graduates of accredited plastic surgery programs to work with us for a year, spending six months with each of our units to see how we manage our practices for the best possible surgical outcomes.  

However, the fellows would clearly benefit from ONGOING training.

I am hopeful that rhinoplasty will continue to grow in popularity. 

More education and skill will result in more surgeons being able to perform at their best level. 

Stay tuned….

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