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Revision rhinoplasty (secondary rhinoplasty) is a challenging procedure.

It is difficult for most to understand why secondary rhinoplasty is so very different from the primary rhinoplasty.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

A primary rhinoplasty is a nose job that occurs in the absence of any other previous surgery.

It is the first nose operation a patient undergoes.

In fact, it is hopeful that it will be the only rhinoplasty a patient has.

However, when things do not go as well as they should in the first operation, some patients elect to proceed with a secondary rhinoplasty (a second operation on the nose).

The secondary rhinoplasty is truly a different operation.

It entails undoing the problems of the first operation and doing all that is possible to make the nose look and function the best it can.

This must be done in spite of the scar tissue and problems that were created at the first operation.

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and National Institute of Medicine say that secondary rhinoplasty occurs in 15% of all rhinoplasty operations.

That is a fairly large percentage!

And it must be understood that when patient are having a secondary rhinoplasty, that they certainly may have even further surgery to correct these issues.

The Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure

I have begun to explain to patients that secondary rhinoplasty is more of a process than an operation.

A secondary nose job cannot be seen as a “one and done,” and it needs to be seen as a bit of a salvage situation with a good chance that it is the finishing point.

The goal is make the nose work the best it can on all levels.

Sometimes it just takes more than one shot when it was not right out of the gates.

Why Choose Dr. Calvert for Your Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Jay Calvert is a secondary rhinoplasty expert in Beverly Hills, CA.

Dr. Jay Calvert is also an expert in primary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and African American rhinoplasty, septum surgery, and teenage rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills CA.

He is expert rhinoplasty surgeon who performs secondary rhinoplasty very commonly in his practice.

He has written extensively on the topic, traveled widely, and he teaches aesthetic surgery to the USC residents and to his plastic surgery Fellows.

Most plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons feel it is best that only a few surgeons perform secondary rhinoplasty operations.

Those who do a great deal of secondary rhinoplasty should be the surgeons taking care of these difficult cases.  

Secondary Rhinoplasty Results

Checkout some examples of Dr. Jay Calvert’s secondary rhinoplasty before and after gallery.

Your Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist

Several key concepts have made this conversation about revision rhinoplasty more relevant and progressive than ever before.

In Beverly Hills, many rhinoplasty operations performed by plastics surgeons and facial plastic surgeons.

Dr. Jay Calvert is a board certified, rhinoplasty plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.  

He maintains his certification every 10 years with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Grafts in Revision Rhinoplasty

It is important to use ear cartilage or rib cartilage grafts in secondary rhinoplasty.

This can make all of the difference.  

The team in the Beverly Hills office is accustomed to performing rib cartilage grafts on a regular basis.

This gives patients confidence in the experience of not only Dr. Jay Calvert, but also his team.  

He works with the same group of professionals for every operation and they know his routine for revision rhinoplasty and rib graft harvests.

This helps insure that everything that can be done for the success of the patient is done every time.

Revision Rhinoplasty Case Studies

revision rhinoplasty beverly hills
This patient had a displeasing nasal appearance and poor nasal airway function. The tip was pinched and sharp, and the lateral crura were very thin and non-supportive. Dorsal reconstruction was performed with a diced cartilage and fascia graft to provide appropriate height and smooth contours to the bridge. Her tip was restructured with lateral crural strut grafts and a columellar strut. All grafting cartilages were autologous (hers). She now has a softer, more natural looking and functional nose.

secondary rhinoplasty beverly hills
Patient had a very wide, unflattering nose with a left septal and external deviation. The tip was over-projected, droopy, and unsupported. Her revision was performed to narrow the nasal bones, dorsum, and alar base. Autologous rib cartilage to add support and elevate the tip and bring it into a well balanced position.

revision rhinoplasty specialist
The maneuvers made in her previous rhinoplasties were very visible. The demarcations of her nasal bones are prominent and the nasal tip cartilages are malpositioned. From the profile view, her radix is noticeably high. Revision was performed with rib cartilage to clean the nasal contour.

revision rhinoplasty in beverly hills
This patient had a silicone dorsal implant causing a brewing infection. The infection and reconstruction was managed in a single-staged approach. The implant was removed and replaced with grafts made with the patient’s rib and facia cartilages. A diced cartilage fascia graft was used to build the height of the bridge back up. The nasal tip was also restructured and stabilized. Alar base were narrowed to maintain ethnicity but improve aesthetics.

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