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Clitoral Hood Reduction

Having labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction is a very personal decision for many woman.

Dr. Calvert offers confidential consultations to discuss patient concerns to help determine which vaginal procedure would most benefit their personal individual needs.

Women who are considering clitoral hood reduction surgery in Beverly Hills may be seeking relief from pain, while others have cosmetic concerns or wish to improve their sexual satisfaction.

The clitoral hood is the tissue that covers and surrounds the clitoris, the highly sensitive and arousing erectile tissue of the female.

Enlargement of the clitoral hood can sometimes negatively impact sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse.

In addition to that, some women with an enlarged clitoral hood may also desire an improved cosmetic appearance.

What is a clitoral hood reduction?

The clitoral hood, also known as the clitoral prepuce, is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the glans of the clitoris.

It is the female equivalent of the foreskin in male genitalia.

The clitoral hood, like the foreskin, serves as erogenous tissue in sexual enjoyment.

Sometimes a woman can have an excessively large prepuce causing physical and emotional effects.

Clitoral hood reduction is a surgical procedure for reducing the size and the area of the clitoral hood in order to further expose the clitoral glans.

You may want a clitoral hood reduction if you:

  • Have an excessively large prepuce
  • Experience an unsightly bulge
  • Have reduced sexual pleasure

The Beverly Hills clitoral hood reduction Procedure

The procedure to reduce the clitoral hood is a simple, outpatient procedure.

The hood is surgically incised and an adequate amount of tissue is removed to allow for the easier clitoral stimulation.

Because safety is always his  first concern, Dr. Calvert always work with board-certified anesthesiologists to ensure that your clitoral hood reduction surgery is as safe as possible.

Following your surgery and stay in the recovery room, you will be able to rest in the comfort of your own home.

Other Related vaginal procedures by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Calvert

Patients who are candidates for clitoral hood reduction or labiaplasty may also be interested in other related procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation, where the vaginal and perineum areas are tightened.

This procedure is becoming increasingly common among many women who have had children and want to improve the level of sexual pleasure for both partners.

Request a consultation online or contact our office to discuss your clitoral hood reduction options.

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