earlobe repair surgery

Earlobe Repair

What is earlobe repair?

The earlobes are made of soft tissue and are highly susceptible to damage or tear.

Excessive trauma to the earlobe, such as piercings, may cause the lobe to tear.

Patients may also desire smaller earlobe.

Earlobe repair is a delicate surgical procedure that re-attaches or reduces the earlobe.

You may want earlobe repair if you have:

  • Torn or separated earlobes
  • Elongated earlobes due to piercing
  • Enlarged earlobes

The Beverly Hills Earlobe Repair Procedure

During an earlobe repair, Dr. Calvert will make an incision along the healed skin on the torn portion of the earlobe and stitch the lobe back together.

This procedure is done under local anesthesia and scars from this surgery are nearly invisible.

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