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Treatment Of The Mons

Pubis Of The Mons Reduction Treatment In Beverly Hills.

Procedures such as an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can improve the enlarged pubis.

What is treatment of the mons pubis?

The mons pubis is the normal fleshy bulge over the pubic bone.

Obesity and massive weight loss are known to cause bulging of this area.

Liposuction and lift of the mons pubis is often done in conjunction with abdominal liposuction or as part of an abdominoplasty procedure.

If there is not a lot of hanging tissue in the mons pubis area, liposuction alone can often resolve the issue.

In the event of a lot of hanging tissue, a lift procedure may be required to surgically remove the excess tissue.

You may want reduction treatment of the pubis mons if you have:

  • Experienced massive weight loss
  • Enlarged mons pubis due to obesity, pregnancy or aging
  • Enlarged mons pubis that is resistant to healthy diet and exercise
  • Excess drooping of the mons
  • Visible mons pubis seen with clothing

The Pubis Of The Mons Treatment Procedure in Beverly Hills

With liposuction, a few small incisions are made in the mons pubis area.

Then a solution is injected and excess fat is removed using a liposuction cannula.

Alone, this is a very quick and easy minimally invasive procedure.

If a lift is required, a bikini line incision is made and the excess skin and tissue is removed surgically.

After completion of either procedure, a small surgical drain may be placed for a few days to reduce swelling and discomfort and speed recovery.

In addition, wearing of supportive clothing may be required for about three weeks.

Both procedures can usually be performed in a surgical suite using local anesthetic.

In the absence of large weight fluctuations, treatment of the mons pubis is a lifetime procedure with a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Calvert and his staff will be happy to discuss Reduction of the Mons Pubis – Liposuction of the Pubic Mound with you.

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Reduction of the Mons Pubis – Liposuction of the Pubic Mound – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

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