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Buttock Implant (Butt Augmentation) Consultation With Dr. Calvert

During the consultation, you will be asked about your desired buttock implant (augmentation) size and shape.

Dr. Calvert will explain the Buttock Implant procedure and what you can expect from the results and the recovery process.

As a buttock augmentation Beverly Hills expert Dr. Calvert will spend as much time as necessary to make you feel comfortable about your decision and answer any questions about the buttock implant surgery procedure that you may have.

What is a buttocks implant (Butt Augmentation)?

A buttocks implant is a surgical procedure in which implants are inserted into the buttocks to improve contour by creating a fuller shape.

Made out of solid or semi-solid silicone, butt implants have a soft, natural feeling similar to well-toned muscle.

You may want a buttocks implant if you have:

  • Experienced significant weight loss
  • Lost fullness due to aging
  • Desire more posterior curvature
  • Lack fat in the gluteal region

The Beverly Hills Buttock Implant Procedure

During a buttocks implant procedure, incisions are made where the buttocks meets the back of the thigh or in the crease of the buttocks and a pocket is created for insertion of the gluteal implant.

Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with the implant procedure to further enhance the shape of the buttocks.

The procedure usually takes about two hours to complete and can be done either on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Upon completion of a buttocks implantation, resumption of normal activities including work can occur in approximately one week.

Greater physical activities will require probably a month of recovery.

Full healing of the augmented tissues can take more than six months.

During this greater period of time, the gluteal muscles will relax and the implants will become fully integrated.

Prior to your Buttock Implant ( Butt Augmentation) surgery procedure, Dr.Calvert will provide instructions for how to help reduce the risks of complications both before and after your procedure.

Before you decide to have Buttock Implant surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with Dr. Calvert.

For more information about a butt implant surgery or any other plastic surgery procedures, contact Dr Calvert or find the nearest practice location to you.

His helpful office staff can answer questions for you or talk to Dr Calvert in person by booking a consultation now.

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