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Sculptra BBL
Beverly Hills

Injectable that promotes natural collagen production – resulting in 100% pure collagen.

Takes 3 weeks – 3 months to see full results post-treatment (depending on individual’s body’s rate of building the collagen).

Very natural results – soft volume/lifting/tightening/improved texture

30-45 yo: 3-4 vials (2 sessions)
46-60 yo: 4-5 vials (2-3 sessions)

Results lasting 2-5 years with full treatment!

Once fully treated, maintenance is just maintaining the collagen produced from the initial treatment, so maybe 1 vial per 12-24 months.

Different from fillers because it is creating 100% natural collagen which takes much longer to break down and is more gradual to break down with aging than an HA filler.

But safe to use both Sculptra and fillers in same patient.

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