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Midface lift by Dr Jay Calvert

Facelift vs Midface lift

Facelifts (and midface lifts) have traditionally been a surgical procedure reserved for those in their 50s and 60s. The procedure reverses natural aging’s effect on skin laxity, fat loss, and bone resorption. Overall, the goal is to restore and enhance the face the natural beauty of the face. In fact, the face begins to age as early as mid-20s. By the late 30s/early 40s tell tale signs of aging become more evident. Hence, today there is a growing pool interested in maintaining their visage, rather than waiting until later life to rewind time. Thus, midface lifts are growing in popularity to correct relatively minor inharmonious aesthetics resulting from the early stages of aging. A midface lift targets the lower eyelids, upper cheek region, and commonly laugh lines, to address hollowness of the lower eyelids and to raise the cheeks. 

Dr. Rovelo’s Midface Lift

Our very own Dr. Millicent Rovelo, a female in her thirties, recently had a midface lift with a brow lift and lower lid blepharoplasty. She was concerned about increasing depressions at the junction of her lower eyelids and cheeks and descent of her eyebrows. However, Dr. Calvert was able to lift her cheeks and blend the lid/cheek junction via a synergistic midface lift, temporal brow lift, and lower blepharoplasty. Her cheeks are now higher up, the brows are in good position, and there are no noticeable bags under her eyes. 

Notice the cheek elevation

Smoothness of the lower lid notable in this view

Here the volumetric shift is clear

Podcast link to Dr. Calvert and Dr. Rovelo’s discussion of her surgery:
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast

Ultimately, she was left with just 2 inconspicuous incision scars on her hairline and inner lids. With superhuman drive, Dr. Rovelo was back in the office within two days post-op. However, patients should not perform intense activity during the first few weeks post-op.

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