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Dr. Jay Calvert

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I have been reviewing my patents as I am trying to come up with a more patient friendly way to get the cartilage I need for rhinoplasty.  

Cartilage can be created with synthetic methods.  

In fact, a patent that I was co-inventor on is entitled “Assembled scaffolds for three dimensional cell culturing and tissue generation.”  

You can read it here if you are truly interested:

This patent details how heterogenous tissue structures can be created with Solid Free Form Fabrication and 3D Printing.

At this point, the 3D printers are so inexpensive and the technology to allow these printers to print living cells is up to the level necessary to make the patent a reality.  

My expectation is that many groups will begin to create 3D tissues with these technologies and we will soon have man made cartilage.

Why is this important?  

Because our lives will be improved by the ability to replace tissues instead of making the local tissues work.

Imagine you could 3D print a lost nose or an ear or a lip?  

What a difference than using local tissues to substitute for the lost tissue.

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