secondary rib graft revision before and after patient

Plastic Surgery and Botched!

My two friends, Terry Dubrow, MD and Paul Nassif, MD have struck gold with their show Botched!  

I congratulate them on a plastic surgery showcase that brings balance to the world of plastic surgery and specifically, the world of secondary plastic surgery or revision plastic surgery.  

Their show presents the ins and the outs of the world of secondary surgery by presenting the cases to these excellent surgeons who then have to make decisions and then execute on those decisions.  

In the process, they also say, “No” to some of the patients.  

This is a massive triumph for their show.

Plastic surgery is not just about what can be done.  

It is also about what cannot be done and what should not be done.  

Plastic surgery is a balance of beauty and blood supply that must be managed by those who know better and tempered against those who do not.  

Botched! takes the stance that some patients cannot gain from surgery and therefore, they need to be told that there is nothing that can be done.

This is difficult for some surgeons because they feel they have been defeated.

However, it is not necessarily in the patient’s best interest to operate if the results will not be spectacular and that the risk profile of the operation does not balance agains the possible out come.

Stay tuned to Botched! as Terry and Paul tackle these tough cases.

I know I will be watching and hope that my potential patients will be, too.

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