Male facelift performed by Dr Jay Calvert

Male Facelift

Male facelifts are different from female facelifts. Dr Calvert approaches this operation differently for men. Historically men have been somewhat hesitant to have plastic surgery or having open discussions about it. However, aging is gender blind and will run its course on everyone. While the anatomy of male and female faces differ leading to distinct signs of aging, aging happens to all and it can put a damper on self confidence. The societal expectations of men’s “vanity” levels should not dictate who can seize the opportunity to boost one’s self esteem. Regardless of gender, those who wish to restore a youthful appearance should consider having a facelift as an effective surgical option. 

Dr. Jay Calvert understands that every individual has different anatomy and goals. The facial anatomy of males and females differ to a great degree, differentiating the aging process. Therefore, these key features contribute to how facelifts are performed. Notably, females have thinner skin, facial musculature and connective tissues, and a more delicate skeletal frame. On the contrary, men have thicker skin and denser underlying tissues. Dr. Jay Calvert’s extensive experience and understanding of facial anatomy, planes, and vectors allow him to produce aesthetically pleasing, natural results.

How Male Facelift is Performed & What to Expect

Dr. Jay Calvert is sensitive to individual’s unique desired aesthetics. Men typically present wishing to address the sagginess and loss of contour of their jaw and neck, thus seeking out a “neck lift.” They wish to preserve a squared shaped face, but with a chiseled and sharp contour. However, an isolated neck lift is a misnomer as the problematic structures leading to the aged appearance are one unit, which need to be addressed with a “lower face and neck lift.”

Dr Jay Calvert employs a number of facelift techniques. With male faces with heavier anatomical structures, he finds the deep plane technique to be most robust. This allows for more dynamic re-positioning of facial structures. A deep plane effectively eliminates jowls and lessens the heaviness of nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Additionally, the SMAS is continuous with the platysma muscles. Thus, the neck will also have a cleaner appearance. If the patient wishes to combat the platysma banding, Dr. Jay Calvert will make an additional incision under the chin to address this.
Notably, the name of the technique should not be of the patient’s concern. Dr. Calvert is well versed in the artillery of techniques. He will select the right one for you based on his clinical diagnosis and your goals. 

Any form of alteration to the face can be scary. Fear not. Dr. Jay Calvert’s Beverly Hills facelifts effectively manipulate facial structures into pleasing positions without creating an over-pulled, “windswept” appearance. Unless clearly requested for, you will not have an overdone, surgical look following a male facelift. It is of his utmost priority to provide you with long lasting and thrilling results.


The clock will begin turning back almost immediately post-op. Every patient’s recovery varies tremendously, and operative swelling may take 9 months to a year to completely resolve. You can expect to be comfortable returning to a desk job in as little as 7-10 days. By this point, your discomfort can easily be managed with Tylenol and NSAIDS. You will be “restaurant ready” in 4-6 weeks. 

For more information regarding male facelift and techniques, check out the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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