Dr. Jay Calvert Twitter feed

The use of Twitter has become a way to communicate fast updates and news about the practice and the practice of ROXSpa.

And it is interesting that many people are still not using Twitter when you look at the number of people using Facebook.

For each of the Dr. Jay Calvert Plastic Surgeon entities, there is a separate Twitter account to follow.  

There is a Twitter account for the Dr. Jay Calvert, Plastic Surgery practice.  

This is where I do most of the posting and keep my patients and followers dialed in to news, meetings, plastic surgery advances, rhinoplasty updates, facelift updates, etc, etc.

Its useful and easy to get a message out to those that are interested.  The Dr. Jay Calvert Twitter feed is a great way to stay tuned in on the Dr. Jay Calvert practice.

For instance, I tend to lecture abroad every now and again and I always post the lecture titles, times they are happening, etc.  

This helps conference attendees know if they can make it to these rhinoplasty or facelift lectures and it lets my patients know what I am speaking about at invited lectures.  

I find that in a few minutes, I can take the pulse of the industry and things about the industry that are important to me.  

And yes, all of this social media is time-consuming, but it does offer quick information transfer and it’s helpful to make the flow of information efficient.

So if you are not on Twitter, go ahead and get an account and then follow your favorite people and businesses.  Keep in touch!

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