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Most difficult rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction cases – the approach

As I continue to see the most difficult rhinoplasty cases I can imagine, I realize that the only way to help these people is to look beyond the surgical known and ask, “Is there a way to make something possible that today is otherwise impossible?”  

This means that there must be careful consideration for the limits of surgery and the limits of the surgeon performing the surgery before embarking on an operation that is novel or literally has never been done before.  

I reflect on this idea as I review the greater than 10 year history of diced cartilage and fascia as a novel method of reconstructing the bridge of the nose.

Primary Rhinoplasty with Deep Temporalis Fascia and Diced Cartilage

Now I am thinking about the severely damaged noses I come up against every day and how to improve their results.  

For instance, this was the first composite reconstruction I performed in 2003 or thereabouts.  

Over time, this nose has held up and looks great!  

However, the only way to know this would work was to take on the case.  

This is not for everyone!  

The right patient and the right surgeon must meet and decide this is a good idea.

Nose bitten off by human!

Keep watching.  I will be posting more and more difficult cases.

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