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World Rhinoplasty Day

World Rhinoplasty Day

As the President of The Rhinoplasty Society, I am pleased to announce that we will be at the first ever World Rhinoplasty Day! It is to take place on Saturday, November 21, 2020 and will span a 23 hour period of time. This is an event that was the brainchild of Dr Cameron McIntosh. He is an incredible plastic surgeon and plastic surgery educator from South Africa. All of the major Rhinoplasty Societies and Groups from around the world will be represented.

The Rhinoplasty Society Team

I chose the team for the Rhinoplasty Society from our very diverse and stellar group of experts.  It was not easy to chose the members of the team! I could easily have had four or five teams of equal strength to represent the society. However, I had to make a choice.  My choices were as follows:

Sam Most, MD – Preservation Rhinoplasty  – what works and what needs to never be tried again!

Jay Calvert, MD – Tip reconstruction: options for lateral support

Paul Nassif, MD – Keys to success in rhinoplasty on the televised/publicized patient

Jeffrey Marcus, MD – Decision making for aesthetic success in primary rhinoplasty

Rod Rohrich, MD – Spreader grafts / Spreader Flaps -Dorsal Reconstruction Strategies

These surgeons are truly world leaders in Rhinoplasty. And, this World Rhinoplasty Day is a competition with judges deciding who gave the best talks. Thus, we needed to bring in the big players. I am very thankful to my teammates. I know their efforts will be appreciated!

The story was covered in Plastic Surgery Practice.

Please contact the office of Dr. Jay Calvert to learn more about him and his international speaking events, consultation process, and operating engagements. The contact person is Jenny Michaels at 1.310.777.8800,  or you can email at [email protected],

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Dr Jay Calvert is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, President of the Rhinoplasty Society, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and rhinoplasty expert. He is internationally known for his work on rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction. He has appeared on multiple television shows such as The Doctors, Dr. Phil, Tyra Banks Show, and many others.  He has offices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.  He attended Vanderbilt University where he majored in Molecular Biology.  Dr Calvert graduated from Weill Cornell University Medical College in New York City and then went on to train in Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.