The Natural Lift​​™ by Dr Jay Calvert

The Latest Facelift Technique by Dr. Calvert

The Natural Lift by Dr. Jay Calvert​​™

Many techniques have been swirling around facelifts and facial rejuvenation. The ultimate goal is for the patient to feel renewed and confident about their appearance, no matter their age. Dr. Calvert has been thoughtfully developing and perfecting his surgical craft in facelifts since his residency at the University of Pittsburgh. He is pleased to now present The Natural Lif by Dr. Jay Calvert​​™. 

About The Natural Lift by Dr. Jay Calvert​​™

The Natural Lift by Dr. Jay Calvert​​™ is a combination of facial aesthetic procedures for the neck, lower face and mid face. However, the keen attention to details and thoughtfully curation of techniques is what distinguishes it from other surgical facial rejuvenation procedures offered. Technically speaking, The Natural Lift by Dr. Jay Cavlert​​™ employed a sub-SMAS & deep plane facelift lower face and neck lift and a minimally invasive endoscopic midface lift. Conjoined with the midface lift is the lateral brow (outer ends) lift, which helps to brighten the eyes. The face should be contiguously youthful. Thus, Dr. Calvert frequently includes upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Also, fat grafting is a tool for restoring volume in the proper positions such as the temples and under eyes, and/or for filling fine lines around the mouth. 

What Patients Can Expect From Dr. Jay Calvert’s Natural Lift™

The name speaks for itself. The tenant of the procedure honors the patients’ anatomy to deliver youthful and natural results. When performing the lift, the neck is pulled in a lateral direction. The lower face and cheek are pulled in a lateral and vertical direction, while the midface and brow are pulled in a purely vertical direction. Following these vectors ensures patients don’t end up looking windswept and “operated.” 

The Natural Lift​​ by Dr. Jay Calvert™ Scars

Dr. Jay Calvert’s Natural Lift™ leaves no visible scars on the face are telltale signs of a patient having had a facelift. Dr. Calvert makes no cuts on the face. Rather, there is a small incision beneath the chin to gain complete access to the neck. The lower face incision is performed inside/around the creases of the ear, with a short extension behind the ear into the hairline. The endoscope guided technique for lifting the midface and brow allows for access behind the hairline of the forehead, versus cuts in front of the hairline. Upon closure, he fastidiously aligns the hair and detail points, too. His patients can wear any updo without worry about visible scars. 

Check out how the pre-operative incision markings and follow along on this patient’s journey.


Designing the facelift operation is a process based on evaluation and diagnosis of the problems to be treated. Here I show the front of the ear incisions. More on the podcast – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast #plasticsurgery #facelift #drjaycalvert

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Hiding the incisions for Dr Jay Calvert’s Natural Lift (TM) is why patients can back to their lives so quickly. Hidden incisions in the scalp to lift the brow and the Midface along with strategically placed incisions for the deep plane face lift all contribute to an amazing result. Couple this with proper directional lift (vertical for the upper face and cheek, diagonal for the jaw line, and lateral for the neck) stay tuned for more information… #deepplanefacelift #plasticsurgeon #foxeye #browlift #plasticsurgery

♬ original sound – drcalvert
This patient is only 3 months out from a lower face and necklift, and her scars have already healed wonderfully and are imperceptible.

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