rhinoplasty by Dr Jay Calvert

Teen Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty for the young patient

Children are the major focus of any parent’s life. A child who is insecure about their appearance is a very rough situation for any parent. Teen Rhinoplasty Beverly Hils carries some special considerations. This patient presented with a very crooked nose and a major dorsal hump. She had difficulty breathing through her nose and did not like the look from the front, side and three-quarter view. Dr Jay Calvert is the President of The Rhinoplasty Society  His offices are in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. He recommends that the teen-ager be clear about their goals and have a adult approach to getting a rhinoplasty.

rhinoplasty by Dr Jay Calvert

Young patient with a crooked nose undergoing primary rhinoplasty

dr jay calvert rhinoplasty expert

Primary septorhinoplasty by Dr Jay Calvert

Primary Rhinoplasty by Dr Jay Calvert R lateral

Teen rhinoplasty performed by Dr Jay Calvert in Beverly Hills

Guidelines for Teen Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

First, the patient must be able to articulate what it is that they don’t like about their nose.

Second, the defect must be visible to the surgeon and they must be able to characterize the problem.

Third, there must be a surgical solution to the problem. In other words, the surgeon must see how the problem can be handled with an operation. There are many patients who want things changed or altered, but the surgical plan is not available.  This is a very important part of planning an operation.

Lastly, the patient must be on board to be a patient for the duration of the care. Most operations on the nose take time to heal.

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