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Rhinoplasty Safety in the Era of COVID 19

Rhinoplasty Safety

Rhinoplasty Safety in the Era of COVID 19 Webinar was presented by the RHINOPLASTY SOCIETY.  

As President of The Rhinoplasty Society, this webinar sponsored by The Rhinoplasty Society includes incredible panelists such as Rod Rohrich, MD, Bahman Guyuron, MD, Sam Most, MD, Rick Davis, MD, Jeffrey Marcus, MD, Ash Ghavami, MD, and myself.  

I was asked by the membership of The Rhinoplasty Society to create this webinar for the membership such that they would have an idea of what the options are when reopening.  

Here is a link to the Webinar:

When: May 17, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time(US and Canada)
Topic: Rhinoplasty Safety in the Era of COVID 19

Covid 19 has changed the world.

There is no going back.

Rhinoplasty surgeon must evaluate their local arena and how to proceed with what has now become an infectiously VERY DANGEROUS operation.


The panelists chosen for this webinar have immense experience with rhinoplasty and are expecting to get back to operating very soon.  

The have thought through the operation and the logistics of how to proceed with protection of their patient, themselves, and their staff. Testing the parties involved is key.

History of contacts and exposure is key.  

Integration of this data is key as well.

No one bit of data is enough to put the risk together.

Our Panelists are all American.

They will provide feedback and insight through out the webinar.

Please be sure to register at the link provided above so that you do have a spot in the webinar.

The admission are limited.


The Webinar has added Dr Nazim Cerkes from Istanbul and Dr Martin Haug from Basel with the help of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe!

Also, we added another 500 admissions for the webinar.

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