Plastic Surgery Meeting: Simposio Guerrero Santos

Dr. Guerrero Santos

I just returned from the plastic surgery meeting,Simposio Guerrero Santos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was a great learning experience and I am happy to report that I learned much from my colleagues.   I learned from both old friends and new ones.  Most importantly, I learned that all of us in plastic surgery education believe that there is always more to learn and discover.  We do this in order to make the results better for our patients.  First and foremost, we all put patient safety first.  Second, we all must strive to make proper diagnoses and plan the operations we perform with great care and attention to detail.  Third, we must be flexible and learn better methods and improve the current methods to advance our specialty.

Wishing the master well

Unfortunately, Dr. Guerrero Santos was not able to be there for a good part of the meeting.  He is a living legend of plastic surgery and I am grateful to him and his staff for making sure that everything was just perfect there.

The Institute of Dr Guerrero Santos is a thriving plastic surgery practice with residents and fellows and many many operations!  Its all very impressive and the level of education at this meeting was no surprise given the culture of this great physician and surgeon.

My lectures are going to be available in my digital textbook very shortly as I will be placing all of my lectures there.  The url is and is currently under construction. I think the lectures, though highly technical, can be helpful to the public.  Today, patients read and learn everything they can about their operation.  Keep a look out for this online textbook to go live soon.  It will be fun to do this, but more importantly, it will be highly educational for surgeons and students of surgery alike.

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