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Newsweek America’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr Jay Calvert Named to Newsweek America’s Best Plastic Surgeons

It is a great honor to be named to this list of plastic surgeons. Newsweek conducted a poll of some 5000 or so plastic surgeons. The goal was to find out who they think are the best plastic surgeons are in the United States. Dr Calvert was named to both the top rhinoplasty surgeons in America and top facelift surgeons in America. The reason this is so significant is that the poll was done by an outside firm hired by Newsweek. There was no pay for play and no way any of the surgeons could influence the results. the study was done quietly without anyone knowing it was being conducted.

Dr Calvert was ranked on these two lists:

Newsweek Americas Best Plastic Surgeons

Rhinoplasty Award

Newsweek Americas Best Plastic Surgeons Facelift

Facelift Award

Dr Rovelo and Dr Calvert actually did a podcast about the poll as it was a complete shock and surprise to Dr Calvert that this had even occurred.  Click the link to listen:

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast

You can read the article here:

Newsweek America’s Best Plastic Surgeons

The significance of this list is that the plastic surgery community recognized Dr Calvert as a top level expert. There is no better way to find a great plastic surgeon than to ask other plastic surgeons and thus, this list has validity. I am humbled and honored to be mentioned on this list. Peer recognition is all one can hope for as a measure of success.

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