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Dr Jay Calvert Instagram

Dr Jay Calvert Instagram

The need for social media today is huge.

The Dr Jay Calvert Instagram account is growing daily.  

Users want to see results, how its done, and a surgeon with a human side.  

This is all good.  In fact, it’s a refreshing approach to understanding your surgeon.  

I am impressed with the amount of education the patients have when they come in for a consultation.  

It’s truly amazing!  

They know the questions to ask.  

They have reviewed before and after photos.  

Many times they are looking at the Instagram account while they are talking to me.

Followers – real or made up?

Many people on Instagram pay for followers and likes.  

I don’t.  

I just don’t think it is worth it to have many followers that are not truly engaged in the conversation.  

Why have a bunch of robots following you that like your posts and make up a fake number of followers?  

I want real people following me with real interest and real action when there is something to do or something to say.  

To me, this gives me real feedback on my practice and on my results.  

The only way to improve is to listen to criticism and positive feedback.  

It is all helpful.

See for yourself

My recommendation is to go to my Instagram account and start following.  

The daily stories are fun and informative.  

They often show a personal side of who I am, as well.  

In today’s world, many things that seem true on the internet are not.  

And, the opposite can also be true.  

I am happy to answer any questions about my experience, my techniques, and the number of cases I have done with any single operation.  

In fact, I would prefer if it were just published outright. That may be next…