Explant + fat graft

Breast Downsizing

The breasts are a hallmark of feminine beauty and play a large role in women’s confidence. There is much discussion surrounding breast aesthetic enhancement through augmentation, but a less commonly discussed topic is aesthetic breast downsizing after having an augmentation. At Dr. Jay Calvert’s practice, we notice an increasing number of patients wishing to downsize their breasts. Some come into their consultations wishing to have a removal and replacement with smaller implants. Others simply request explantation without re-implantation. 

Reasons for Breast Downsizing

  • Every woman’s ideal breast aesthetic changes through time. Undergoing an exciting transformation can help them feel better about themselves. For some, as they age, they feel they have outgrown the large sized implants they chose earlier on. 
  • The effects of time, age, gravity, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation are very common motivators for breast enhancement via downsizing. These elements cause the breasts to become droopy (ptotic), taking on a flat, “misshaped” look. And evidently, the amount of sagginess corresponds to the implant size previously placed and the duration which they were in place. 
  • Larger breast implants can cause back and muscle pains, poor posture, difficulties wearing certain clothes, and discomfort during physical activity. 
  • Simply, some may not want to have to maintain breast implants.

Options for Downsizing

The surgical process of downsizing the breasts to either place smaller implants or not replace a device at all can be tricky. The previously created pocket will need to be manipulated and reduced. The skin envelope will also require attention. Regardless of replacement of implants or not, the patient will likely require a mastopexy (lift). This is a misnomer that the breast tissue volume will sit higher. Rather, this is excision of excess skin and lifting of the nipple into an appropriately higher position.

Furthermore, the breast may look aesthetically unpleasing as the skin envelope will be lax and the breast tissue may be thin. Thus, to improve the aesthetics without implant augmentation, fat grafting augmentation is an option. Dr. Jay Calvert will carefully evaluate candidacy for this procedure. The potential result for fat grafting varies from person to person, depending on how much fat the person has for harvest and how well the individual’s body takes the grafted fat. It’s important to note the limit on the amount of fat that can be grafted in one round. While a whole breast mound cannot be created during a solo procedure, many patients end up very pleased with the resulting natural aesthetic. 

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