Primary rhinoplasty and Secondary Facelift review

Having undergone a botched facelift by a local plastic surgeon and wishing to have both revision facelift surgery and a primary rhinoplasty, I dug deep to compile a short list of the best revision plastic surgeons.

Dr. Calvert’s name was at the top of the list. Since hiring a top revisionist to do primary nose surgery seemed akin to hiring Mozart to play a birthday party, to test the waters, I first underwent primary rhinoplasty with Dr. Calvert and the result was a cute, harmonious, totally believable nose—which was my wish. Close family and friends can’t pinpoint that I have had surgery. Rather, everyone thinks I look amazing from weight loss or something simple. The revision facelift result is particularly outstanding given what Dr. Calvert had to work with. Downtime and scarring were bare minimum. Both surgeries yielded wonderful results and to say I am grateful and happy is an understatement.

While Dr. Calvert’s CV indicates high-intelligence, ability, and good decision-making over time, it is in person that Dr. Calvert really shines; he is refreshingly plainspoken about what can and cannot be achieved and I like that he does and says nothing to entice business to himself. As reflects leadership, the staff are collectively down-to-earth, punctual and kind, within an upbeat, contemporary office environment. Overall, the experience has the right mixture of energy and serenity—the feeling of being in capable hands.

As a side note, if you have not done so, watch Dr. Calvert on YouTube as he creates a lovely natural nose for a woman who lost hers in an attack which made national news. The video speaks volumes about Dr. Calvert’s approach; in my opinion one can see best in this patient’s result the fruits of Dr. Calvert’s visionary artistic talent and his ability to produce optimally under adversity, or otherwise.

It is hard to say enough good things about Dr. Calvert. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, don’t waste another step going to anyone else.