I have had multiple Rhinoplasty surgeries done before, including one with a renowned surgeon in Beverly Hills. None achieved a result that I was fully happy with. Every time it fixed a couple of issues but introduced new problems. This was my last attempt at improving the visual appearance of my nose.

Since I had chosen prior surgeons by personal recommendation (which did not yield the results I wanted), I decided to consult with every known plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. The who is who of Rhinoplasty. Heads up: avoid Simoni like cancer, the guy is literally nuts. I told every surgeon in detail what I wanted. The usual household Beverly Hills names advised me not to touch this nose again, saying it will be very problematic to make improvements due to existing scar tissue etc – their pride and ego prevented them from “declining” the job, but you could see they knew they could not deliver what I wanted and they were too proud to say so. Meaning: they would have given it “a shot” if I would have “made an appointment”, although they knew too well they were lacking the necessary skillset for this difficult revision.

Keep this in mind when looking for a plastic surgeon. The hardest thing is finding a plastic surgeon who can actually deliver what they promise !

Only one surgeon actually admitted that he was not skilled enough to do these complicated revisions, and he was professional enough to recommend Dr. Calvert as my only hope of getting the results I wanted.

This was a revelation, a plastic surgeon who not only “admits defeat” but recommends a competitor. My hat off to you. Naturally, this further inclined me to see Dr. Calvert asap, who was on my list but impossible to get an appointment with as he was always booked out. It’s really a shame that none of the other “household names” can put their ego aside and do what’s right for the patient and recommend the right man for the job they clearly cannot do (in my case the X-th revision), especially since they know Dr. Calvert too well: their Rhinoplasty failures land on Calvert’s table.

Dr. Calvert specializes in complicated revisions, and what seems to be impossible for others is his bread and butter. Not only does he look like a superhero (not joking, he actually looks like The Dark Knight Christian Bale), but he is gifted with a truly unique skillset. In our first meeting, he was very informative and detailed about what can be done and what needs special attention, and it was clear immediately there are (almost) no limits for him and his skills, which to be quite honest confused me a little bit at first as it contradicted what all these other surgeons had said and advised.

I asked him what (in his honest opinion) could be improved on the visual appearance of my nose. And he stated exactly the things that I needed fixed. He saw what I saw. Obviously this is what you want prior to a surgery, you want to be on the same page. The man is transparent, no funny business here, no attempt to rip you off (as so many other’s do). More importantly, he will tell you when things do not need to be fixed.

Calvert’s staff is outstanding. Super professional, educated, informative, funny, easy to deal with and they take care of you in every possible aspect. Heaven. Did I mention only beautiful people work there ? Heaven.

After a few meetings with him (going over every detail), I decided to move forward with the surgery. Surgery went perfectly fine, I decided to do the hyper-barric chamber afterwards for further improvements.

Dr. Calvert delivered EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I can only describe this as a masterpiece by the Michelangelo of Rhinoplasty. Considering that he achieved a perfect revision on a nose that had multiple, failed surgeries prior to his, while other’s couldn’t do that on the primary attempt (which is way, way easier). That’s how good the guy is. There’s a reason this man charges what he charges and he is worth every penny (and much more). Don’t waste your time with people who cannot deliver what you want, go see Dr. Calvert.