Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary Rhinoplasty

It is difficult for most to understand why secondary rhinoplasty is so very different from the primary rhinoplasty. A primary rhinoplasty is a nose job that occurs in the absence of any other previous surgery. It is the first nose operation a patient undergoes. In fact, it is hopeful that it will be the only rhinoplasty a patient has. However, when things do not go as well as they should in the first operation, some patients elect to proceed with a secondary rhinoplasty (a second operation on the nose).

Primary rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Example of a primary rhinoplasty by Dr. Jay Calvert performed in his Beverly Hills office.

Example of a secondary rhinoplasty with rib cartilage graft

The secondary rhinoplasty is truly a different operation. It entails undoing the problems of the first operation and doing all that is possible to make the nose look and function the best it can. This must be done in spite of the scar tissue and problems that were created at the first operation.

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons say that secondary rhinoplasty occurs in 15% of all rhinoplasty operations. That is a fairly large percentage! And it must be understood that when patient are having a secondary rhinoplasty, that they certainly may have even further surgery to correct these issues.

Secondary Rhinoplasty as a Process

I have begun to explain to patients that secondary rhinoplasty is more of a PROCESS than an operation. I will be writing a full on article about that process in the future, but for now suffice it to say that a secondary nose job cannot be seen as a ‘one and done.’ It needs to be seen as a bit of a salvage situation with a good chance that it is the finishing point. The goal is make the nose work the best it can on all levels. Sometimes it just takes more than one shot when it was not right out of the gates.

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