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Plastic Surgery on the Black Market

This video popped up on my account as one I “might like.”  

This is a blast from the long ago past when I used to make a fair number of TV appearances as an expert on the Tyra Banks show.

I love that the episode was translated, as well, with subtitles.  

What is very real, though, is the message.  

The patients on this show were duped into thinking they might be getting real procedures from actual practitioners, but they were truly getting plastic surgery on the black market.  

Black market plastic surgery is not new, but the level of invasiveness and the consequences continue to deepen.

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery

If you plan your plastic surgery with a board certified plastic surgeon, you can greatly reduce your chances of having problems with your operation.

With all surgical procedures there is risk.  

However, those risks can be managed and minimized if you are seeing a fully licensed and accredited surgeon.  

If you go with some kind of practitioner that is not vetted by the state board of medicine where you are, then you are taking a chance.

My advice is to avoid black market plastic surgery and spend the extra money to see a worthy doctor skilled in the procedure you want, but also fully accredited and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

For more information about Board Certification, please feel free to call the office at +1.310.777.8800 or email us through the website or at [email protected].  

There is no reason to have plastic surgery operations performed by anyone other than a board certified plastic surgeon.

BUT – finding one is not always easy and the level of deception by surgeons who are not certified is alarming.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions.  

Dr. Jay Calvert is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon licensed in the state of California.