AP view of a Facelift Patient by Dr. Jay Calvert

Instagram: Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Dr. Jay Calvert Instagram

We will be posting plastic surgery before and after photos of his results fairly regularly on Instagram. 

Please follow Dr. Jay Calvert on Instragram here:


With the social media blitz in full swing, Dr. Jay Calvert, Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, has decided that getting the word out about his natural results in plastic surgery can best be accomplished with a great mobile website.  

And, there is also a great deal of interest in the Instagram feed where he can show the results of his years of work.

Dr. Calvert obtains special permission from each and every patient that appears on his website and social media posts.

These are patients who feel that they have benefited from getting the right information to make a good decision and part of that choice is to see the before and after photos of Dr. Jay Calvert’s patients.

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