Fousey Broken Nose

Fousey Broken Nose

Fousey Broken Nose

I have to give credit to Fousey for raising $400,000 for charity in a celebrity boxing match.

You can learn all the details about this amazing feat on his YouTube cannel: FouseyTube.

However, the reason I want to discuss this amazing guy is that he has posted his entire operation after he sustained a broken nose.

Fousey Broken Nose video is on his channel for everyone to see.

It’s a bold move to share this journey with the world…and it is educational in many ways.

In general, the way nose fractures are managed is by first performing a closed reduction of the nasal fractures.

This means that the bones and cartilage were pushed back into position in an effort to set up the nose for the best possible healing.

Basically to make the formal nasal septal fracture repair in the future easier and more effective.

Two operations for the Fousey Broken Nose

In general, a closed reduction of a nasal septal fracture is enough for most simple nasal fractures.

However, in a case like this one, the nasal bones and the septum tend to collapse over time and develop a saddle nose deformity.

Thus, a much larger reconstruction is required including the need for a rib cartilage graft.

The damaged cartilage of a nose like Fousey’s is not a small problem.

Thus, if I were to just operate on what is there and not bring new cartilage tissue into the mix, there would be trouble down the road.

Watch the video for the explanation of why we do things the way we do for severe nasal septal fractures.

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