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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Many people ask me if I perform ethnic rhinoplasty…and I have to explain that I perform rhinoplasty in Southern California…thus, of course I perform ethnic rhinoplasty!

I operate on patients of every race, creed, color and ethnic background on earth!

And it is truly one of the many great pleasures of being able to serve my patients.

I have operated on people from six of seven continents (evidently rhinoplasty has not hit the fashion high point of Antartica).

In fact, I love the diversity of my patients to the point that I can predict how much septal cartilage there will be depending on where along the south east Asian coast they live.

The further south you go, the more cartilage there will be – until you cross the ocean to the Philippines.

Thats when the septal cartilage begins to get small again and a consent for ear cartilage becomes mandatory for building up the bridge.

West African noses are different from East African noses and to further split hairs, there is a difference between noses in Ethiopia and those in Rwanda.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is all about paying attention. And not just to the nose, but to the person and to their ethnic background.

And Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is too broad of a topic.

There are Arabic noses, and Persian noses, and noses typical of Turkey and Lebanon – the Middle East has many different people and all with very different looks.

To try and describe what to do for a “Middle Eastern” patient is narrow in focus.

It also follows that different people want different things for their results.

Ethnic rhinoplasty cannot be described as a set of techniques, but more as a process and surgical attitude to be followed.


Before and after photo of a Persian woman with secondary rhinoplasty using a rib graft

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