Dr Jay Calvert Webinar

Dr Jay Calvert Webinar

The webinar of Dr Hema Sundaram and Dr Jay Calvert is now on Youtube! You can watch and listen to the webinar here: Youtube.com/DrCalvertTv. This discussion ranged from revision rhinoplasty cases to evolving plastic surgery trends. Dr Calvert and Dr Sundaram touched on nose fillers. This included safety, efficacy, and what is this procedure anyway?

Dr Calvert and Dr Sundaram Webinar

Are Nose Fillers ‘Rhinoplasty’ at all?

One major topic of discussion was about nose fillers. Dr Sundaram and Dr Calvert both agreed that calling filling of the nose with injectables is NOT rhinoplasty. The concept that this non-surgical procedure is in fact a plasty of any kind is ill fated.  The procedure needs to be called something other than rhinoplasty as it is misleading to patients.  How can a nose be smaller after filling it with a surgical device?  They also noted that some before an after photos seen on the internet and social media depict smaller noses after nose filling. This did not make any sense to them.

Ethics in Social Media posts for Surgeons

Dr Jay Calvert Webinar in which Dr Sundaram and he spoke about what an ethical code for social media would look like.  There is a feeling that guidelines should be created. This would help doctors know what is expected of them when communicating with the public.  Instead of just hoping plastic surgeons and dermatologists do things correctly, a set of guidelines would provide some clear guidance going forward.

Other potential topics

Dr Sundaram and Dr Calvert both agreed that more work needed to be done in multiple areas they touched on in their Webinar. They are both hopeful that the COVID19 Pandemic will fade and that life can begin to return to some new normal. Until then, please visit their websites for more information: