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Dr Jay Calvert Rhinoplasty meeting

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Dr Jay Calvert: rhinoplasty meetings do not come along too frequently.

Do not miss this great meeting in Las Vegas!

January 13-15 at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Dr. Jay Calvert and a group of experts will be presenting their methods and thought processes on rhinoplasty.

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This meeting will not be the usual didactic presentation of before and after photos…it will be a manage of techniques, strategies, and approaches to nasal surgery for the rhinoplasty surgeon who performs 20-75 rhinoplasty operations a year.

These lectures will help the rhinoplasty surgeon gain confidence in their approach to the operation.

It will also help them to understand more complex methods to making rhinoplasty reliable and effective over and over again.

Dr Jay Calvert Secondary Rhinoplasty

Dr Jay Calvert – Rhinoplasty Meetings such as this one are not becoming more frequent, but rather are becoming more and more rare.

Opportunities such as this one will not keep showing up for the rhinoplasty surgeon.

Thus, our recommendation is to attend this meeting if you are doing greater than 20 rhinoplasty operations a year.

The only thing standing in the way of better results from rhinoplasty is experience.

This course will add to this crucial body of rhinoplasty experience.

Please go to the website to read more about the invited faulty and the topics that will be covered.

And do not forget the cadaver dissections with the experts.

There will be ample opportunity to interact with the experts and learn all they have to offer in the highly interactive sessions.

Las Vegas is a unique city with unique places and the Cosmopolitan is a very hip and cool spot on the strip.

I would highly recommend attending this intimate meeting to up your game in rhinoplasty.

Learn more about Dr. Jay Calvert’s rhinoplasty meeting here.

Hope to see you there!

Please contact me if you have any questions about the meeting.