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Dr. Jay Calvert – Rhinoplasty, Facelifts, and Breast Surgery…

It is interesting how a plastic surgeon becomes quite pigeon-holed as their career progresses.

I am not sure why my colleagues and I all wind up with a small group of operations that we love to perform.

They are also the procedures for which our patients will seek us out.

Yet, I think if you keep your reconstructive roots front and center, it makes your career more robust and enjoyable for you and your patients.

For instance, I love operating on the nose.

And I love both changing the nose for aesthetic reasons, but I also love reconstructing the nose with local and distant tissue.  Forehead flaps, free-flaps, and rib cartilage are just some of the procedures that come into play.

I would not be able to do the aesthetic work without the reconstructive roots I grew at the University of Pittsburgh and at my first job at UCI.

Cocaine Nose Reconstruction

Primary Rhinoplasty

Likewise, with facelifts and breast surgery, it was the reconstructive surgery that trained me to perform aesthetic surgery in a way that I generate the results my patients are looking for.

At this time in my career, I am working as hard as I ever have to generate the best possible results for my patients no matter what their problem is.

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