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Dr Calvert Beauty Pillow

Last year, a company sent me a product that I now believe has a place in my practice.  They sent me a beauty pillow.  Their point was that having a silk cover on a face conforming foam pillow could help your skin and face look better. I was, of course interested, but skeptical.  I asked myself, “How much difference could the pillow you sleep on make for your appearance?”  Well, based on my wife and my analysis and use of the pillow, we think it is probably useful.

Beauty Pillow

I will first say that I have no data and my ideas are only from experience.  So consider this a review of the Sleep and Glow Pillow based on my use and observations.  It is NOT expert opinion.  I am not a pillow expert.  However, I am an aesthetics expert and my hypothesis is that this pillow helps protect the face after aesthetic treatments.  It off-loads the areas of the face that I typically treat with facelift surgery, lasers, fillers, and neurotoxins (such as Botox).

Check out the video and then we can discuss more:

Buy the Beauty Pillow

If you want to buy the pillow and give it a try, here is the link:

Buy the Sleep and Glow Pillow 

The Promo Code you can use is DrCalvert10. The cost of the beauty pillow depends on where in the world you are buying it.  There are various taxes, etc that differ from location to location. If you do try it, please let me know what you think about it for general sleeping and if you use it to protect your surgery or your aesthetic procedures. My feeling is that if there is something that can help generate better results, then we should use it. I am happy to hear from you about the pillow and your experience.  More information is better!

Beauty Pillow as per Dr Jay Calvert

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