Plastic Surgery on the Black Market


This video popped up on my account as one I “might like.”  This is a blast from the long ago past when I used to make a fair number of TV appearances as an expert on the Tyra Banks show. I love that the episode was translated, as well, with subtitles.  What is very | Continue Reading »

Dr. Jay Calvert Experience with Rib Graft Revision: Follow-up


Rib Graft Revisions: A complex situation Several years ago, I started seeing a group of patients who had had rib graft revision rhinoplasty elsewhere and were not happy with their results. They were coming to me to have revision surgery of their rib grafts! We realized the need to track the outcomes of operations on | Continue Reading »

Tip Rhinoplasty and Lateral Crural Strut Grafts


In tip rhinoplasty, it has come to my attention that there is a debate among rhinoplasty surgeons. The debate is about what structures provide tip support when performing a tip rhinoplasty. There is no doubt that central support of the tip with a  columellar strut is key. However, it is the belief of this surgeon that | Continue Reading »

Fast Plastic Surgery


Fast plastic surgery seems to be a new fad I see popping up all over the internet and on television segments about breast augmentation and liposuction. In Beverly Hills where I practice, there are a multitude of plastic surgeons that advertise fast operations. These ads discuss the SPEED of the operation as opposed to the | Continue Reading »

Ethnic Rhinoplasty


Many people ask me if I perform ethnic rhinoplasty…and I have to explain that I perform rhinoplasty in Southern California…thus, of course I perform ethnic rhinoplasty! I operate on patients of every race, creed, color and ethnic background on earth! And it is truly one of the many great pleasures of being able to serve | Continue Reading »

Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at Roxbury.Marina.USC


This year is the third year of the Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship that combines the power of Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center, Marina Plastic Surgery, and USC Division of Plastic Surgery.  This year, Phillip Dauwe, MD and Ziyad Hammoudeh, MD are the new fellows who come from excellent institutions and are looking to extract | Continue Reading »

Rhinoplasty Technique – Spreader Grafts


Spreader Grafts in Rhinoplasty Operations Patients are able to acquire a great deal about rhinoplasty just by surfing the internet.  However, understanding the information is a different story.  In this article, we will discuss spreader grafts.  This will hopefully help patients understand this valuable technique that I employ about 30% of the time in primary rhinoplasty, | Continue Reading »

Plastic Surgery and Botched!


My two friends, Terry Dubrow, MD and Paul Nassif, MD have struck gold with their show Botched!  I congratulate them on a plastic surgery showcase that brings balance to the world of plastic surgery and specifically, the world of secondary plastic surgery or revision plastic surgery.  Their show presents the ins and the outs of | Continue Reading »

Rhinoplasty and Surgical Education


It has become clear to me that many plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists would like to become more proficient at the art and science of rhinoplasty.  I know this because the number of invitations I receive to speak at strictly rhinoplasty or facial aesthetic meetings is going up dramatically.  However, I have come to realize that meetings | Continue Reading »