Lip Lift

A lip lift elevates the position of the lip with respect to the teeth giving a more youthful smile. This procedure is done by making an incision above the lip or under the nose and then shortening the distance between the lip and the nose. An upper lip lift, the most common procedure, shortens the skin distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose. This increases the amount (or width) of the lip, exposes the teeth more, and gives the patient fuller, youthful lips. A corner lip lift involves the edges of the mouth and is designed for the patient who feels as though they have a permanent frown.

You may want a lip lift if you have:

  • A long distance between the upper lip and nose
  • Desire a shorter upper lip
  • Aged lips
  • A permanent frown

The Procedure:

Surgical lip lifts can be done via various types of incisions, as well as internally. The internal approach will not remove skin or shorten the distance between the upper lip border and the nose.

Two common methods of lip lift are the subnasal (or “bull-horn” shaped) incision and the gull-wing incision. The subnasal incision sits along the natural crease at the lower border of the nose, following the natural contour. The gull-wing incision sits just above the upper border of the lip.