Excision of Skin Cancers

What is excision of skin cancer?

Hearing the words cancer is always a scary moment. When treating skin cancers, it is important to know all of your treatment options. Dr. Calvert will listen to your concerns and walk you through your plan.

During an excision of skin cancer, a small or contained lesion is removed through a simple surgical process.

You may want excision of skin cancer if you:

  • Were recently diagnosed with skin cancer
  • Are aware of your condition and available treatment options

The Procedure:

During an excision of skin cancer, Dr. Calvert will make an incision to remove the cancerous legion. He may send parts of the lesion to a pathologist for more testing and to make sure that all the cancerous cells have been removed. The area of the legion will then be repaired using a local flap or a skin graft.

Recovery from this procedure varies greatly among cases. You will work in close contact with Dr. Calvert to make sure you are cancer free and who will then follow up with any additional treatments that might be required.