Fat Transfer to Breasts

What is fat transfer to the breast?

Fat transfer breast augmentation involves the harvesting of fat cells from other parts of the body and placing them into the breasts to increase size and fullness.

You may want to consider fat transfer to the breast if you:

  • Desire fuller, larger breasts
  • Do not wish to undergo traditional breast augmentation

The Fat Transfer To Breast Procedure in Beverly Hills:

During fat transfer to the breast, fat cells are taken from the waist, hips, or thighs using an advanced liposuction technique. Once purified to remove excess fluid, blood, and other vascular components, the harvested fat cells are then strategically injected in small increments into small incisions within the breasts, allowing the fat cells to attach to the breast tissue and grow. The procedure usually takes 4-6 hours and patients can usually return to work and other light activities within a week. Since some of the injected fat cells may simply be absorbed by the body, one to more fat transfer procedures may be needed in order to achieve desired results.

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Before you decide to have fat transfer to the breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with Dr. Calvert. Request a consultation online or contact our office by calling 310.777.8800 to discuss your breast surgery options.