Primary Rhinoplasty (Female)

A rhinoplasty expert in Beverly Hills, Dr. Calvert performs primary rhinoplasty, also known as nose jobs, and secondary rhinoplasty. This photo gallery features before and after photographs of some of his female patients.

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This gallery of patient is a small sample of the many rhinoplasty patients Dr. Jay Calvert has operated on.  He has performed over 4000 rhinoplasty operations to date and continues to develop new techniques and improve the operation for his patients.  Success in primary rhinoplasty is based on analysis and planning and helping patients to get a good understanding of what is possible and what is not possible for their nose.  Maintaining their unique look while making the desired changes is the key to aesthetic success in primary rhinoplasty.


Primary Rhinoplasty Female

Dr Calvert performs many rhinoplasty operations each week and female rhinoplasty is very common in his practice.  As with all rhinoplasty operations, analysis and planning are what give rise to great results when surgical precision and flawless operative execution are the goals of each operation.


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