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Asian Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills with Dr. Jay Calvert

Asian Rhinoplasty by Dr Jay Calvert

I perform Asian rhinoplasty fairly frequently.

However, we really need to consider this term…I mean, Asia is a big place!

And there are many different ethnicities throughout Asia.

And these various peoples have different looks and desires based on their cultures and cultural difference in beauty interpretation.

Thus, I think this broad term means a lot of different things to different patients.

ethnic rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty with tip reduction and bridge definition in primary rhinoplasty

I tend to put aside all of the dogma of what is Asian rhinoplasty and I approach this as what does this patient want to achieve – and yes, they are Asian, but what is their goal?

I know the ins and the outs of skin thickness variation, and the lack of tip support and poor definition of the nasal bridge.

I know that some people what to increase the columellar show and that some are happy with it being hidden.

I know that the epicanthic folds of some patients need to be calmed down whereas for others, they are just fine.

I know that I must ask lots of questions and investigate what is the desire of this patient and can I get them there.

Asian Rhinoplasty assessment and planning

It is all about the planing of the operation that makes Asian Rhinoplasty successful.

In Beverly Hills, I see patients for Asian Rhinoplasty in consultation and discuss what they want to see happen for their nose.

It is all about definition and support.

I discuss with them the need for ear cartilage or deep temporals fascia or rip cartilage.

Based on their ideas of what they want to achieve, I am able to formulate a plan for their rhinoplasty and make proposals to them about what they want to achieve.

There is no substitute for great communication about Asian Rhinoplasty so please ask lots of questions!

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