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Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at Marina Roxbury

This year is the third year of the Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship that combines the power of Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center, and Marina Plastic Surgery.  

This year, Phillip Dauwe, MD and Ziyad Hammoudeh, MD are the new fellows who come from excellent institutions and are looking to extract all of the information, techniques, and aesthetic surgery knowhow out of our fellowship.  

The key is educational volume and follow-up.

Speaking on behalf of Dr. Dauwe, He began on July 1 and after one short holiday week, he had scrubbed and been directly involved in 5 rhinoplasty operations (3 primary 2 secondary), seen over 30 aesthetic patients, performed 8 consultations himself and is preparing for his first full week on the job where in the next 48 hours he must choose between 3 Secondary Rhinoplasty operations with Rib Cartilage grafts (2 of them Asian secondaries) and a handful of noses and facelifts with Drs. Ordon and Chopra in the desert.

We are all proud to train these fine young surgeons.  

The faculty of this esteemed fellowship includes:

Dr. Grant Stevens

Dr. Jay Calvert

Dr. Andrew Ordon

Dr. Rollin Daniel

Dr. Luis Macias

Dr. Ritu Chopra

Not a bad crew!

We expect that the faculty list will expand over the next few years and the scope of the training will improve.  

For now, we are glad to have the fellowship continuing to grow and find new ways to get these plastic surgeons moving in the best direction as aesthetic surgeons.  

This includes the fact that the fellows can perform their own operations as they are fully licensed, credentialed, and insured to do so.  

Anyone wishing to book surgery with Dr. Hammoudeh or Dr. Dauwe can certainly call my office at 310.777.8800 and make and appointment to see them.

Please look for these fine plastic surgeons around the office as they will only be here for a year!  

Then they will be off establishing themselves independently.  

We are all glad they are on board!

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